Self Mapping: The Practical Workbook by Brian Mayne


A practical handbook that will take you on a journey of Self discovery.

Paperback, 192 pages



Self Mapping will take you on a journey of Self discovery, through the stages of Self Awareness, Self Belief, Self Image, Self Esteem, Self Acceptance, Self Love, Self Actualization, Self Integration and Self Renewal.

Along the way you will create your own Self Map. Using a combination of words and images, your Self Map is designed to activate the whole-brain. Once completed it serves both as a conscious reminder about who you choose to become and a subconscious command to make it happen.

By regularly meditating on your Self Map you can integrates your low-self ego with your high-Self spirit to become your True Self; your natural and authentic self, or to put it simply, be your Self.


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