In this live interactive online course you will learn how to coach adults or children with Goal Mapping. As well as a vital coaching tool that can empower any of your clients in business, education, wellbeing or any area of achievement, the programme is an empowering experience for you to map your own goals. Everything is included for you to coach face-to-face or online with our unique Goal Mapping software, and effectively market your services.

Certified Goal Mapping Coach

Begin today! The programme can be taken online anywhere in the world. £999 +VAT

Why should you become a Certified Goal Mapping Coach?

Become a Certified Goal Mapping Coach and you’ll be able to:

  • Coach adults or children.
  • Work face-to-face on paper, or online with our unique interactive software.
  • Coach your clients to achieve their goals, dreams and genuine success whilst boosting their self confidence and self belief.
  • Build your clients’ natural goal setting abilities.
  • Keep your clients focused with clear and colourful maps for you both to interact with to get maximum results
  • Stand out with your unique offering of Goal Mapping to prospective new clients.
  • Coach your clients to condition themselves for success using whole-brain activation.
  • Enable your clients to achieve sustainable success using this powerful inside out approach.

Find out more about the course

Watch the most recent showcase webinar below on how to become a Certified Goal Mapping Coach, or book a call for a one-to-one chat with Brian.

Certified Goal Mapping Coach webinar

Gain a competitive edge

Register for the programme now and get:

  • Immediate and life-long Gold membership of Goal Mapping online, support materials and Life Lifter community.
  • 4 group and 3 personal coaching sessions to help you Goal Map your own life and learn how to guide your clients in this life-changing programme.
  • A universal and global Certification that allows you to work with business, education or public anywhere in the world.
  • Your own micro-website to promote your services.
  • Goal Mapping Youth Coach and support materials.
  • A comprehensive ‘how to’ system making goal-achievement with your clients easy and giving you a distinction as a coach.
  • 10 Gold and 15 Silver upgrade codes for Goal Mapping online, to use as you wish with family, friends or clients.
  • The Life Lifter community of like-minded and inspired individuals focused on making a difference in the world.
  • Access to the Goal Mapping Resource Centre of empowering support and marketing materials.

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Goal Mapping Coach profiles

How the programme works

The programme comprises seven powerful live online-coaching sessions totalling 11 hours of coaching. It also includes Goal Map assignments, coaching guide sheets and support material from the Resource Centre. All group coaching sessions are 2 hours, starting at 19:00 GMT, and are recorded for anyone unable to attend. Your one-to-one coaching sessions are arranged with your coach at a mutually convenient time.

The live online-coaching sessions:

  • 1: Group Coaching. Be guided to create your first Goal Map for being a Certified Coach with Action Plan, access the Resource Centre.
  • 2: Personal Coaching. Connect with your personal coach to receive feedback and be guided to create your next Goal Map.
  • 3: Group Coaching. Create a Health & Wellbeing Goal Map, be guided to set up your affiliate link and client coaching pages.
  • 4: Personal Coaching. Get feedback from your personal coach on your Goal Maps and practise the customer coaching process.
  • 5: Group Coaching. Create a Financial Freedom Goal Map, review the coaching Powerpoint, prepare for your first coaching volunteer.
  • 6: Personal Coaching. Review your customer practice coaching session, create a Life Purpose Goal Map, receive your upgrade codes.
  • 7: Group Coaching. Marketing your services as a Certified Coach, knowing your niche, pricing recommendations, set up your coach profile.

Begin today! The programme can be taken online anywhere in the world. £999 +VAT

Did you know…

There are a number of ways you can become Certified to share Goal Mapping with others. You can begin at Coach level, then develop your skills to Facilitator and Practitioner – or join the programme directly at these higher levels. Find out more ››