Goal Mapping is a simple system for success – yet it is so extremely powerful that since 1995 it has reached more than 4 million people. It has helped people achieve success relating to wealth, health, career, education, sport, weight-loss and anything else they dream of.

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Goal Mapping changed my life – and it can change yours too!

I was born into a travelling fairground family, and further to a nomadic childhood, I left school aged 13 with no qualifications, and unable to read or write. I then joined the family amusements business, through which I established a nightclub and became the country’s youngest licensee.

Unfortunately, during the UK recession of the late 1980s, the business collapsed I lost what seemed like everything: my income, my home and my marriage. I was 29 years old, £1 million in debt and still relatively unable to read or write.

It was at this seemingly low point that I discovered the keys to success: you can change your life by changing your thoughts and feelings about it.

Using simple but powerful techniques, I learned to hold positive thoughts by setting goals. Through those goals, I gradually transformed myself and my life. Over the coming years, I developed those techniques into the Goal Mapping system.

Goal Mapping has helped me transform my life, become an internationally recognised speaker and author, and enjoy new levels of prosperity, abundance and fulfilment.

Since I created Goal Mapping in 1995, it has touched the lives of more than 4 million people in over 30 countries – and it can help you make your dreams a reality too!
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Brian Mayne
Creator of Goal Mapping

“Goal Mapping brought my life into focus in such a meaningful way. At times of great change we all need a clear direction, and Goal Mapping provides just that.” Gill Fielding, one of Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaires’

Get started with Goal Mapping

Remember: you can create a Goal Map for anything you wish. It might be about a career change, sporting endeavour or shift in lifestyle. Or it might be about finding love, happiness and fulfilment.

Whether it’s something fundamental or simply something fun, the key thing is simply to jump in and give Goal Mapping a go!

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Different ways to start Goal Mapping:

  • Download our FREE templates
    Get a quick-and-easy first taste of Goal Mapping
  • Use Goal Mapping Online
    Try our clever web-based system for creating your Goal Maps digitally and sharing them with others
  • Use a book, DVD or other Goal Mapping resource
    Learn about the Goal Mapping system, processes, habits and techniques in-depth and at your own pace
  • Find a Goal Mapping Coach
    Learn one-to-one with the help of a local expert
  • Attend a Goal Mapping Success Workshop
    Spend a day learing Goal Mapping with a group of like-minded people

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