The Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator Programme is ideal for anyone wishing to teach Goal Mapping to small groups in business, education, sport or life-styles, and do so either online or in person. It’s especially good for anyone wanting to start fast and run their first workshop quickly. The programme takes place online in seven group and one-to-one sessions.

Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator

Begin today! The programme can be taken online anywhere in the world. £2,995 +VAT.

Why should you become a Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator?

The Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator Programme includes:

  • Certified Goal Mapping Coach programme.
  • Certified Youth Facilitator programme.
  • Lifetime Gold Membership for Goal Mapping online.
  • Facilitator Resource Centre of manuals, PowerPoints and guides.
  • Membership to the Goal Mapping Life Lifter Academy.
  • Editable marketing materials for a fast and effective start.
  • Your own microsite, and an affiliate Link for Goal Mapping online.
  • One-to-one Coaching from a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner.

More than 1400 teachers, coaches, trainers, managers and therapists have chosen to use Goal Mapping to boost their own success – and help their clients achieve their goals, turning dreams into realities.

How the programme works


Join the group coaching sessions, either live or recorded, and engage with your chosen one-to-one coach to learn the Certified Coach level of the programme. All coach training and materials are included as part of your Certified Facilitator package. Complete your seven-session coach training, set up your personal affiliate link, customer coaching pages and online coach profile.


Gain access to the Facilitator level of the Resource Centre and download the customer half-day Goal Mapping PowerPoint presentation and training manual. Join the live group Facilitator training or watch the recordings, and begin learning how to present Goal Mapping to a group in a half-day workshop or a webinar. Choose and practise a section from the presentation at a time of your choice.


Present your section of the presentation at the next live group coaching, gain feedback on your presentation and give feedback to the other coaches on their presentations. Continue this process of choosing a section of content, practise and present throughout the five group coaching sessions, gaining feedback on your own presentation and giving feedback to the other students.


Arrange your two individual one-to-one coaching sessions with your personal coach and present the entire half-day Goal Mapping PowerPoint. Gain detailed feedback from your coach, identify the key points to highlight for maximum impact with your target audience. Fine-tune your PowerPoint presentation with additional notes and personalise it with your own photo and Goal Map examples.


Join the group coaching sessions to learn the student/school presentation. Update your online profile to Facilitator status. Download the marketing materials from the Facilitator Resource Centre and personalise with your own contact information and affiliate link. Receive your Facilitator Certificate, discuss the best target price for your audience. Run your first half-day group workshop.

Begin today! The programme can be taken online anywhere in the world. £2,995 +VAT.

Did you know…

There are a number of ways you can become Certified to share Goal Mapping with others. What’s more if you begin at the Coach or Facilitator level, when you progress tho become a Practitioner, your original payment will be deducted from the cost. Find out more ››