Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator logoThe Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator programme is ideal for anyone wanting to coach or teach Goal Mapping in one-to-one or small groups. It’s especially good if you can’t travel to the Goal Mapping Practitioner Programme, or want to start sharing Goal Mapping as soon as possible.

Why should you become a Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator?

More than 900 teachers, coaches, trainers, managers and therapists have chosen to use Goal Mapping to boost their own success – and help their clients achieve their goals, turning their dreams into realities. Why? Because it works!

Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator

The Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator Programme includes:

  • The Certified Goal Mapping Coach Programme.
  • Gold Membership for Goal Mapping Online.
  • The Goal Mapping Success Workshop CD set.
  • Goal Mapping book and Sam the Magic Genie.
  • Goal Mapping Facilitator training manual.
  • Goal Mapping in Schools teacher/coach manual.
  • Membership to the Goal Mapping Academy and Discount Shop.
  • PowerPoint presentations and marketing material.
  • Coaching from a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner.
  • 3 tickets to a 1-day Goal Mapping Workshop.

Get started now! The programme can be taken online anywhere in the world. It costs £1,995 +VAT.  Register now

How the programme works


Using your Gold Membership of Goal Mapping Online; create your own Goal Map of you being a Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator. Email your Goal Map back to me and I will select a Goal Mapping Practitioner to be your Coach for the learning journey and will support you in using and updating your Goal Map and deepening your understanding of the system..


Using your ‘activation code’ login in to the Certified Goal Mapping Coach programme and beginning working through the modules, watching the video then answering the questions at the end of each module, supported by your appointed Goal Mapping Coach and updating and creating additional Goal Maps for yourself and life as your understanding deepens in your journey through the modules.


Start coaching other people through the 7 steps of creating their own Goal Maps, capture and share their feedback with your own Coach and look for any improvements in your Goal Mapping Coaching ability.


Join the Facilitator Webinar to get answers for any outstanding questions, learn how to market yourself as a Goal Mapping Coach, join live or listen to the recoding. Receive your Goal Mapping Coach Certificate and start coaching people in Goal Mapping..


Use the home-study pack of DVDs CDs and Books to attend the Goal Mapping Workshop; join the Lift Academy and access the Goal Mapping resource-centre to download your Facilitator Manuals, Powerpoint Presentations, Support and Marketing Material. Run your first half-day group workshop, share the feedback from your audience, receive your Facilitator Certificate.

Get started now! The programme can be taken online anywhere in the world. It costs £1,995 +VAT.  Register now

Choose the right programme for you

There are a number of ways you can become Certified to share Goal Mapping with others.

What’s more, if you pay to become a Certified Coach or Certified Facilitator, when you are ready to take the next step and become a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner, I will deduct what you paid from the cost of the Practitioner Programme. Please email debbie@goalmapping.com to find out more.

Certified Coach

For people who want to coach Goal Mapping

This programme can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

£999 +VAT

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Certified Facilitator

For people who want to facilitate a half-day workshop to small groups (including schools).

This programme can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

£1,995 +VAT

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Certified Practitioner

For people who want to teach the complete 1-day Goal Mapping workshop to businesses, schools or public groups.

This is a 3-day programme that you need to attend in person.

£3,495 +VAT

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