It’s an amazing feeling to help someone achieve their goals. More than 1,500 trainers, coaches, teachers, managers and therapists have already chosen to become Certified in Goal Mapping. Learn how you can join them and help lift lives with this amazingly simple yet powerful system for success.

Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner

This 3-day programme takes place several times a year in various countries. £4,495 +VAT.

An introduction from Brian Mayne

25 years ago, I created Goal Mapping: a technique that completely changed my life and is helping improve the lives of countless people around the world.

Through its unique combination of words and pictures, Goal Mapping stimulates the left-brain and the right-brain. This whole-brain activation helps people become crystal clear about what they really want and why they want it, before commanding their subconscious to help them get it.

Goal Mapping is a simple system for success. However, it’s so extremely powerful that since 1995 it has reached more than 4 million people. It has helped them achieve success relating to wealth, health, career, education, sport, weight-loss and anything else they dream of.

Global businesses such as Siemens, Microsoft, Coco-Cola, Barclays and BT are long-term users of the system. Its many fans include personal-development giants such as Anthony Robbins.

“Brian is one of the best at helping people create a world-class blueprint for their life, not just goals but sustainable success. His mapping systems are a blast and really effective.” Anthony Robbins, Personal Development Expert

Why should you become a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner?

Become a Goal Mapping Practitioner and you will:

  • Receive the Certified Goal Mapping Coach and Facilitator Programmes as part of your Practitioner package.
  • Be certified to facilitate the Goal Mapping System for individuals and groups of people from business, education or the general public.
  • Access and supply an established life-changing training programme, packed with rich content and a history of success spanning over 20 years and reaching millions of people.
  • Keep all profits generated by your presentations.
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals, all helping each other and all dedicated to making a difference in the world.
  • Access marketing materials, promotional tools, manuals, delegate resources, PowerPoint presentations and more through our exclusive Academy website.

  • Enjoy reduced rates on all Goal Mapping products (which you can sell and earn additional income).

People from all walks of life and from all over the world are seeking to take control of their lives and change for the better by using Goal Mapping.

We need more people to teach, coach and share this amazing system to help lift as many lives as possible.

Regardless of whether you are an established trainer, teacher or coach, or simply someone committed to making a difference, being a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner will empower you to help change lives. At the same time, it will bring you an income and enable you to create your own ideal life.

“This course has put me on purpose and improved my means to give my gift to others. The material is the best I have ever seen.” Kristyn Heywood, Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner, Australia

How the Goal Mapping Practitioner Programme Works

The Goal Mapping Practitioner Programme features:

  • Access to a resource centre full of manuals, PowerPoints and videos.
  • Training in how to present the full Goal Mapping Workshop.
  • It’s both a self development and a business opportunity.
  • A simple 3-step learning journey.
  • Goal Mapping Academy membership.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Lifetime licence (no renewals required).

The Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner Programme is a 3-day residential deep-training event to learn how to teach the complete 1-day Goal Mapping workshop.

The certification, training and support materials used over these three inspiring and content-rich days are designed to empower you, and enable you to present the Goal Mapping workshop to businesses, schools, or public groups anywhere in the world.

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This 3-day programme takes place several times a year in various countries. £4,495 +VAT.

Did you know…

There are a number of ways you can become Certified to share Goal Mapping with others. You can begin at Coach level, then develop your skills to Facilitator and Practitioner – or join the programme directly at Practitioner and learn the other levels after at a time convenient to you. Find out more ››