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  • Assess your life balance using the Life Wheel

  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the Success Mandala

  • Check and track progress in your Success Journal

  • Receive an inspiring thought every day
    for 7 months

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Happy woman with a Goal Map

Goal Mapping for you

Whatever form of success you dream of, Goal Mapping can help you achieve it.

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Business people Goal Mapping

Goal Mapping for business

It’s the most powerful empowerment programme available to businesses today.

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Teacher Goal Mapping with school children

Goal Mapping for children

Unlock a child’s potential and help them achieve their best results.

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Creating a Goal Map with Goal Mapping Online

Build your Goal Map online

Use our NEW software to create and share digital Goal Maps.

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Goal Mapping templates

Download FREE templates

Start Goal Mapping today with our easy-to-use guide and printable templates.

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Books by Brian Mayne

Buy Goal Mapping resources

Browse our range of tools including books, DVDs and empowerment packs.

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Certified Goal Mapping Coach

Coach people one-to-one

Take our easy-to-follow online course and become Certified Goal Mapping Coach.

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Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator

Lead half-day workshops

Become a Certified Goal Mapping Facilitator with our online course.

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Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner

Share Goal Mapping in full

Attend our 3-day course and become a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner.

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What people say…

Watch these videos to see people’s thoughts and feelings about Brian and his work.

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Brian Mayne speaking at a Goal Mapping event

New Goal Mapping events announced

We’ve just added more dates to our Events Calendar.

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Katalin Kónya

“I’m the World Champion – thanks to Goal Mapping!”

Katalin Kónya credits her Goal Map for her World Championship kickboxing success.

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