The 7 Magic Keys for Success: Parent and Children’s Goal Mapping Pack


Give the gift of Goal Mapping to a child with the help of our new Parents’ and Children’s Goal Mapping Pack.

Parent and Coach’s Workbook, A4, 44 pages. PDF download.
Student’s Workbook, A4, 36 pages. PDF download.
Sam the Magic Genie. Audiobook.

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From the outset it has been Brian’s particular passion to teach the life-skill of Goal Mapping to children, and to date, over 100,000 children have created Goal Maps to improve their lives.

This special pack has been created to guide parents in teaching Goal Mapping to their children in a way that makes it fun, interactive and accessible. Using simple language that aids understanding, the parents’ and student’s workbooks explore The Seven Magic Keys for Success and culminate in the creation of the child’s first Goal Map.

The workbooks are supported by Brian Mayne’s enchanting children’s tale, Sam the Magic Genie. It’s an imaginative story that uses colourful, imaginative language to capture the essence of personal development, and which translates words of wisdom into simple and fun explanations.

The Parents’ and Children’s Goal Mapping Pack contains one of each of the workbooks as a PDF download for you to print at home, and a copy of the beautifully narrated Sam the Magic Genie audiobook.

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