Certified Coach Programme

Help your clients
achieve their goals

Gain certification to coach people one-to-one
in business, education or privately

Certified Coach Programme

Learn to coach
in person and online

Gain the skills, knowledge and tools to help people
create Goal Maps on paper or with our software

Certified Coach Programme

Join a growing
global community

Become part of our international family
of over 1,400 Goal Mapping professionals

Certified Coach Programme

FREE bonus certification
worth £499

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you can also learn how to coach Life Mapping

Learn how to coach adults or children to use Goal Mapping in this live interactive online course led by Brian Mayne. As well as preparing you to empower your clients in business, education, wellbeing or any area of achievement, it is an opportunity for you to map your own goals. Everything is included for you to effectively market your services, and coach people face-to-face or online, either on paper or using Brian’s unique Goal Mapping software.

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Why you should join this programme

This is the only coach training and certification programme that enables you to:

1 Coach anyone, anywhere, online or in person!

  • As a Certified Goal Mapping Coach, you are licensed to work with business, education or the public – and do so anywhere in the world!

Certified Goal Mapping Coach


Stand out from the crowd in your field!

  • The Goal Mapping Coach Certification adds a unique string to your bow, helping you get noticed and chosen more often

Happy woman with a Goal Map


Lift YOUR life as well as the lives of others!

  • The training is about helping you to achieve your goals, as well as teaching you how to help other people achieve theirs

What the programme includes

Goal Mapping Coach training

7 weeks of Coach training

  • A dynamic programme of coaching sessions (4 group sessions led by Brian, and 3 personal sessions between you and a professional Goal Mapping Coach) to help you Goal Map your own life and learn how to coach your clients to use Goal Mapping

Goal Mapping Coach Certification

Coach Certification

  • Receive a signed certificate, plus a range of certification graphics to communicate your qualification within your marketing

Creating a Goal Map with Goal Mapping Online

Gold membership for LIFE!

  • Life-long Gold-level membership of the online Goal Mapping system (worth £90 per year), allowing you to produce up to 100 digital Goal Maps – including those you will need to create during the course

Goal Mapping Coach microsite

Your own microsite

  • To help you promote your services we will set you up with your own micro-website and add you to our Coach Directory

Goal Mapping Gold upgrades

25 free-upgrade codes

  • 10 Gold and 15 Silver online Goal Mapping memberships (worth £1530) – use them as incentives with prospective clients, or just share with friends and family

Life Lifter community

The Life Lifter Community

  • Benefit from the support of our community of like-minded Goal Mapping professionals, all focused on making a difference in the world

Goal Mapping Resource Centre

The Resource Centre

  • A wide range of empowering support and marketing materials to help you deliver and market your coaching

Affiliate earnings

Affiliate commissions

  • Use the online Goal Mapping system with your clients and earn 20% commission when new members join at the Silver or Gold level (and every time they renew)

Life Mapping templates

FREE Life Mapping Certification

  • Be trained in Life Mapping and become a Certified Life Mapping Coach (worth £499) – an exclusive bonus just for people who participated in Brian’s Masterclass!

What people are saying

Brian Mayne says…

Brian Mayne, Creator of Goal Mapping

“My big goal is to help lift 7 million lives. By helping you to achieve your goals – and training you to help your clients and the people you care about to achieve their goals – we will be making a huge difference in the world.”

Brian Mayne, Creator of Goal Mapping
Siv Tove Aune

“When I started as an executive leadership coach I was missing a tool that could give structure to my coaching. When I found Goal Mapping it was a big moment as it gave me exactly what I was looking for.”

Siv Tove Aune, Self-Leadership & Brain-Health Coach, Denmark
Flavia Powell
“If you’re thinking of joining the Coaching Programme, please do not hesitate! It doesn’t just help you in your business, it helps you in your personal life – I use Goal Mapping every single day.”
Flavia Powell, Goal Mapping Practitioner and Coach, UK
Stefan Andreasson

“During my training I was amazed at the power of Gold Mapping combined with freedom to deliver it online. This has really enhanced my ability to reach outside my local area.”

Stefan Andreasson, Coach and Mentor, Sweden
Kulwinder Dhillon

“The training has given me great platform to make a difference. I’ve gone on to coach teenagers, businesses and charities, helping them gain clarity and focus around their goals.”

Kulwinder Dhillon, Life Coach, UK
Brandon Block

“Goal Mapping is the best tool I’ve seen for life coaching. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If there’s something you want to do in your life to become a coach, this is the only way to do it!”

Brandon Block, Thought Coach, UK
Liselotte Labbas

“The most valuable part was learning to coach online. It’s such a powerful tool – it lets me help clients plan for the future and make any changes needed. I highly recommend Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping Coach training.”

Liselotte Labbas, Solution Focused Therapist, Finland

“Brian is one of the best at helping people create a world-class blueprint for their life, not just goals but sustainable success. His mapping systems are a blast and really effective.”

Anthony Robbins, Personal Development Expert

How the programme works

The programme comprises seven powerful live online-coaching sessions totalling 11 hours of coaching. The training also includes Goal Map assignments, coaching guide sheets and support material from the Resource Centre. All group coaching sessions are 2 hours, starting at 19:00 UK time on alternate Thursdays. They are recorded and made available for everyone, so you can easily catch up if you miss a session. Your one-to-one coaching sessions are arranged with your coach at times to suit you both. Right now, the programme includes a special FREE bonus training session worth £499 where you can also gain certification as a Life Mapping Coach!

Week 1: Group Session

  • Brian will guide you through the steps of creating your own Goal Map to achieve your BIG future dream

  • Create and use your personal coaching page, and gain the practical experience of being coached

Week 2: Personal Session

  • Work with one of my top coaches to receive feedback on your Goal Map and how to focus it for maximum power and start learning the process of coaching clients
  • Learn how to use your affiliate link for the online programme and how to create your client coaching pages

Week 3: Group Session

  • Learn the 7 Empowering Questions to help your clients become clear about their future dreams and find the thing that makes their heart sing
  • Take the Life Balance Check and create a life-area Goal Map

Week 4: Personal Session

  • Get feedback from your personal Goal Mapping Coach on your Wellbeing Map
  • Learn the customer coaching process and setup, with online or paper templates

Week 5: Group Session

  • Learn the customer coaching PowerPoint presentation and brain-cell science
  • Gain access to the Goal Mapping Coach Resource Centre and download your toolbox materials ready for your first practice-coaching session with a volunteer

Week 6: Personal Session

  • Get feedback and help on your first customer practice-coaching session

  • Create a Goal Map and action plan focused on building your Goal Mapping coaching business

Week 7: Group Session

  • Advice plus questions and answers from the group about growing and marketing your Goal Mapping business, finding your niche and what level to pitch your pricing
  • Find your passion – the thing that makes your heart sing – and create a Goal Map focused achieving your life purpose

Week 8: FREE Life Mapping Certification

  • Discover the principles of Life Mapping and create your own Life Map

  • Learn how to coach people to create their Life Map – AND be Certified to do so!

Graduation and beyond

Certified Goal Mapping Coach logo
  • Receive your certifications and you’re ready to begin sharing the gifts of Goal Mapping and Life Mapping with the world!

  • If you need support and guidance, or want to share ideas and experiences, Brian and the Life Lifter community are here to help

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You can join the Certified Goal Mapping Coach Programme any time, but register now and you’ll also get the FREE exclusive bonus of the Life Mapping training and Certification worth £499!

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Brian’s Guarantee

“I want you to be completely happy with the programme. So, after the first two sessions, if you feel the course is not right for you, I’ll give you your money back.”

Brian Mayne,
Creator of Goal Mapping