Goal Map your Life Path to Life Success

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Would you like to learn the secrets of success, discover how to apply them to all the important areas of your life and turn your greatest dreams into wonderful realities?

Register today and prepare for 7 months of guidance in the form of live webinars and inspiring videos. I will explain how to check your life balance, explore your life purpose, and create Goal Maps with my new online Goal Mapping software. Together, this will help you achieve super-charged success in yourself and life.

Using the Life Wheel in Goal Mapping Online

Bronze Membership


Take your first few steps along your Life Path Journey and get a taste for what Goal Mapping has to offer.

  • Assess your life balance using the Life Wheel

  • Watch part 1 of the Life Path Webinar Journey

  • Create an online Goal Map

  • Watch the first hour of the Goal Mapping workshop video

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Creating a Goal Map with Goal Mapping Online

Gold Membership

£50 + VAT for 3 years

Normal price £150 +VAT. Enjoy access to the full range of Goal Mapping webinars, videos and online tools.

  • Assess your life balance using the Life Wheel

  • Watch ALL 7 PARTS of the Life Path Webinar Journey

  • Create MULTIPLE online Goal Maps and action plans

  • Watch the FULL 4-HOUR Goal Mapping workshop video and download the workbook

  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the Success Mandala

  • Check and track progress in your Success Journal

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The Life Path Webinar Journey

The 7 life-changing 60-minute webinars explore how to create success in all the major areas of your life.

Each month’s webinar guides you to create a Goal Map for a life area. It then supports you with my interactive online Goal Mapping software. This will let you ‘live your Goal Map’, review your goals, update your Goal Maps with new insights and new photos, add to-do tasks, and take actions on an ongoing basis. What’s more, you can do all of this on your phone, tablet or PC.

By working with your Goal Maps a little each day, you form and strengthen neuro-pathways and build empowering beliefs. This helps to balance your brain, bring balance to your life, and powerfully command your subconscious autopilot to move you towards how you would ideally like your Self and life to be.

Life Path diagram

1: Life Success

Life success is not an accident, it is purposeful. Some types of success – such as winning the lotto – are random. But long-term life success happens on purpose. In this first webinar, I will guide you to create a clear and compelling vision of how you wish your life to be. And I will help you set inspiring goals, developing winning attitudes and take effective actions towards the achievements of your dreams.

Life Path Webinar Video placeholder

2: Authentic Happiness

Authentic happiness begins on the inside. Join this webinar and be guided to Goal Map an ‘attitude of gratitude’. You’ll also discover how to balance this with a positive spirit of growth as you journey to towards your true desires.

Life Path Webinar Video placeholder

3: Feeling Fantastic

Feeling fantastic is one of the ultimate goals of life. In this webinar you will learn the power of being your ‘True Self’ and create a Map to help you develop the winning attitudes of confidence, self-worth and self-love.

Life Path Webinar Video placeholder

4: Vibrant Wellbeing

Vibrant wellbeing brings out your shine and lights up your life. Join me and be guided in the creation of a Goal Map for vibrant health and energy, and discover the difference this will make to all areas of your life.

Life Path Webinar Video placeholder

5: Financial Freedom

In this webinar you will learn how to develop a prosperity mindset and abundant being. You will also learn how to Goal Map your path to financial freedom.

Life Path Webinar Video placeholder

6: Harmonious Relationships

Whether with family, friends, colleagues or communities, harmonious relationshops start with harmony within your Self. Join me to Goal Map the bliss you wish for in your relationships and bring out the best in everyone around you.

Life Path Webinar Video placeholder

7: Purposeful Living

Purposeful living is about walking the path that that makes your heart sing. It can take many forms: career, family, community or cause. Goal Map the steps along the path of your purpose to find your power and achieve the life of your dreams.

Life Path Webinar Video placeholder

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