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Goal Mapping and being a Certified Coach

If you are a therapist, trainer, teacher or coach, you probably share the same passion as me in wanting to make a difference in the world by helping your clients to reach their goals. It is one of the greatest feelings to help someone change their life and achieve their dreams.

Add Goal Mapping to your coaching toolbox

Goal Mapping is such an amazing tool. It has been helping people around the world and from all areas of life for 25 years. I love reading messages telling me how this simple system of success has helped someone with something important or helped them achieve their dreams.

People are using are using Goal Mapping to support them in losing weight, getting fit and increasing their wellbeing. Sports people are using Goal Mapping to win medals and become champions. Business people use Goal Maps to find the work their love to do, achieve their targets and excel within their dream career. And teachers are using Goal Mapping to help students gain greater grades and aim higher for a brighter future.

There are now 1,400 coaches, trainers and therapists of all types sharing Goal Mapping with their clients. The youngest person teaching the system is just 15 and the oldest person is in her 80s. It is so simple that anyone can do it. Whatever difference you wish to make, the Goal Mapping system can help.
Certified Goal Mapping Coach logo

The Certified Goal Mapping Coach Programme

To share Goal Mapping with your clients on a one-to-one basis, you need to be a Certified Goal Mapping Coach. You can become a Certified Coach from anywhere in the world as the programme takes place online.

The programme comprises seven powerful live online-coaching sessions totalling 11 hours of coaching. It also includes Goal Map assignments, coaching guide sheets and support material from the Resource Centre. All group coaching sessions are 2 hours, starting at 19:00 GMT, and are recorded for anyone unable to attend. One-to-one coaching sessions are arranged with your chosen coach at a mutually convenient time.

The next Certified Goal Mapping Coach Programme starts on Thursday 13 February. But to learn more in advance – and ask me any questions you might have – I encourange you to join my free content-rich webinar on Wednesday 22 January.

Get set for this special webinar by reserving your FREE place now.

“Goal Mapping brought my life into focus in such a meaningful way. At times of great change we all need a clear direction, and Goal Mapping provides just that.” Gill Fielding, one of Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaires’