Action Mapping logoThe great Greek philosopher Aristotle said; ‘excellence is a habit’. While life may appear random and chaotic it is actually governed by fundamental principles and laws such as the law of cause and effect. Lasting success is not an accident, not random or chance. Authentic, sustainable success is the natural result of thinking successful thoughts, cultivating winning attitudes and living with effective habits.

Example of an Action Map

About Action Mapping

Through thought, feeling and action we make and shape our world. All three aspects of our self are necessary in any form of achievement or creation. Repeated thoughts become beliefs and trigger our feelings. Repeated feelings become attitudes and empower our actions. Repeated actions become habits and shape our life.

A ‘habit’ is any way that we repeatedly think, feel, or behave. Some of your habits will have been chosen consciously by you. Many of your habits will have been unconsciously developed through your experience of life and your interaction with people around you.

All of our habits are meant to serve as automatic responses that help us make quick decisions and act on autopilot. Unfortunately many of the habits we pick-up are negative in their focus and effect, often bringing the worst out in us and undoing the success of our positive habits.

The path of self-mastery is to change any negative habits that are holding you back into positive ones that support you in moving forward and living a life of excellence.

About the Action Mapping workshop

In the Action Mapping workshop you will:

  • Arrow Break experienceLearn how to build empowering beliefs, develop winning attitudes and effective habits
  • Discover the 7 Fundamental Principles of Success and Conscious Creation
  • Explore your higher purpose to make a positive difference in life
  • Create an Action Map that will gradually change any negative habits into positive ones that will support you in living a life of excellence
  • Take part in the amazing Arrow Break experience!

Saturday 25 May 2019, The Bleriot Suite, Park Inn Hotel,
Heathrow, UB7 ODU


Please print off your receipt as proof of purchase and bring with you on the day. Registration is at 9.30am. The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm. Parking is available on a first-come basis – please register your car with reception on arrival.