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Throughout history, when times are tough, everyday people have needed to dig deep and find their inner warrior spirit to survive and thrive. Now, in this period of great change, we all need to face our fears and worries, and find our way to a better, brighter future. It’s time to awaken your Warrior Within!

Join my FREE Warrior Within Masterclass

I’m running a special FREE Warrior Within webinar on Tuesday 3 August 2021 at 7pm UK time. Join me as I explain more about Warrior Within and guide you through the key principles involved and the many benefits you can achieve by awakening your inner warrior – and doing so in a powerful, purposeful way.

How you will awaken your Warrior Within

  • Take part in 7 weekly group-training sessions

    Each week you will be enlightened with new insights, inspired through exercises and personal sharing, and empowered by all four of my Mapping systems to help you define your life-purpose, achieve life-balance and follow a life-plan.

  • Map every part of your life and Self

    Over the 7 weeks you will be guided to create a Goal Map to help you achieve your dreams, a Life Map to help you be the best version of your Self, an Action Map to support you in changing habit-patterns, and a Self Map to harmonise your ego with your soul and Shine like the Star that you truly are.

  • Join in every Wednesday

    Each weekly session will be 2 hours on a Wednesday evening at 7pm UK time. The sessions will all be recorded and made available each week in case anyone is not able to attend.

  • Enjoy deep, diverse and dynamic experience

    Each session will be a mixture of group presentations from me and guests, together with sharing and insights, breakout rooms for exercises, the creation of all four Maps, weekly challenges, and a graduation celebration. You’ll also team-up with an accountability buddy to help you keep your word, use your Maps, and form new daily rituals to evolve your Self to a higher level.

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Join my FREE webinar to find out more

I’m running a special FREE Warrior Within webinar on Tuesday 3 August 2021 at 7pm UK time. Join me as I explain more about Warrior Within, how the course works and what you will get out of taking part.

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The next Warrior Within training begins on Wednesday 1 September and runs every Wednesday until Wednesday 13 October 2021.

£499 + VAT

More than 60 people have already registered, with many telling me that the course is exactly what they need in the face of the challenges and opportunities in their lives right now. If this resonates with you, I hope you’ll join them.

On completion of your booking, you will be provided with a download link for a PDF containing key information about the course. Please download it, read it and keep it safe! For more details about the course – or enquiries about booking – please email [email protected]

Special Bonus!

Take part and get a FREE coaching session with one of my Certified Master Coaches, worth £150.

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